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Connecticut DOT's Capital

Project Management System

Development Process & Schedule

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updated 03/11/2021

  • December 2020, a pilot program began to test expanded functionality for the Submittal/Transmittal application that will provide Ball-in-Court (BIC) tools for both engineering and construction documents allowing internal to internal and internal to external processing.
  • Expected April 2021, all MS Project schedules, including consultant managed projects, will be available in COMPASS.
  • AEC's focus will be the ongoing migration efforts from the CTDOT M365 tenant to the CT BEST M365 tenant.


Project Management Processes

The objective of this project is to provide CTDOT with project management processes that work in conjunction with a cloud-based digital Transportation Project Management Solution (Now Compass) utilizing Microsoft Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software (MCOTS) to effectively and more efficiently manage the delivery of all capital projects. Specifically, this solution will provide improved quality and control over complex transportation projects by providing:

  • Ball-in-Court project status

  • Better collaboration & communication using SharePoint Online

  • Real-time project scheduling capabilities using MS Project

  • Improved resource management
  • Real-time project status dashboards

  • Document Control & Content Management

  • Improved transparency & accountability

  • Improved risk management


A Project Management Solution For All Projects

The main focus of this project is to provide the CTDOT's Bureau of Engineering & Construction with a project management solution for all projects, not just the mega projects. This solution will span the entire project lifecycle, from inception through construction.

Functionality available at this point includes, but is not limited to:

Single place to display project information:

  • Rights-of-Way
  • Environmental Permits
  • CORE data
  • Viewport data
  • Composite Project Database(CPD)
  • Submittal/Transmittal Application
  • Project Staff Management
  • MS Project Schedule Integration
  • Document Storage/Control
  • Security/User Management
  • Project Geospatial Location (Polygon)

COMPASS is focused on the needs of Transportation Project Managers and Project Engineers. As data is produced in the system and combined with data from existing business systems, COMPASS will support program and project level data analyses.