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I-91 south into Hartford


Like many states, Connecticut's ability to respond to increasing congestion by simply building more highways is no longer viable. A new strategy is needed, one that uses our infrastructure more efficiently while giving drivers more options. One strategy that has proven successful in other states is to use congestion pricing in combination with other highway and transit improvements to manage traffic more efficiently and to give drivers more travel choices.

Connecticut is studying our two most congested highways to evaluate traditional highway and transit options to reduce congestion, as well as congestion pricing and electronic tolling. The goal of the study is to find a combination of pricing and traditional transportation system improvements that achieve a noticeable level of congestion relief. We invite you to learn moreā€¦

Final Study Report

Connecticut I-95 Corridor Congestion Relief Study
Executive Summary | Full report

Connecticut I-84 Corridor Congestion Relief Study
Executive Summary | Full report

What are other states doing about congestion relief?

CTDOT hosted a forum in which other states highlighted their experience with congestion relief projects.

Congestion Relief Forum
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